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Our Advantage

1. Stable Quality
Trustworthy rock and stone crushing equipment is the key to our survival. The surface of each crusher part is fully tested by a coordinate measuring machine every day. Spectral analysis is applied to the spare parts to be detected. Quality control is well guaranteed with our spectrum analyzer.

2. High Price to Performance Ratio
With performance ratio of 95-98% and price ratio of 65-70%, our mining equipment has a high price to performance ratio when compared to first-class international brands such as Sandvik, Metso Minerals, and Terex.

3. Improved Production Efficiency
Apart from the quality control of products, Mackorn focuses on raising the level of production management for customers. We can offer custom-made management software so as to continuously optimize management and realize lean production.

4. Topnotch Services
For better saving energy, the utilization of equipment and materials is improved. Also, we unremittingly optimize the equipment operating parameters and facilitate the recycling of various mining equipment such as impact crushers, jaw crushers, and cone crushers. For long-term projects, we can provide customers with crusher maintenance services besides brand-new machines. For short-term projects, we offer leasing services to clientele.

In addition, we regulate our business structure unceasingly and positively so as to accommodate market development and promote the development of both mining and building stone industries. Also, we never stop creating products and services to suit for market development.