Crusher and Screen

1. Mackorn is a Chinese professional manufacturer of crusher and screen. The equipment manufactured by us is 30% to 35% cheaper than other crushing machinery from international brands like Sandvik. It can help customers save approximately one third of procurement cost. Also, its performance is only 2% to 5% worse than that of international-brand crushing appliances. With high price to performance ratio, the Mackorn crusher and screen are the best choice for our clients!

2. We can not only provide customers with crusher units, but also offer the entire sand production line or stone production line. Our production line is divided into stationary type and mobile type. Customers can choose the optimum solution based on their needs!

3. If clients need the help of our staff, please contact us at once!

    1. Stationary Crusher and ScreenDue to easy operation, small footprint and high production efficiency, this entire production line can effectively meet the requirements of clientele for production capacity and product quality.
    1. Mobile Crusher and ScreenOur mobile production line is used extensively for the recycling of mines, coals, and construction waste. Also, it is perfect for different operations such as earthworks, urban infrastructures, roads, construction sites, etc.