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Mobile Crusher and Screen

1. The mobile crusher and screen are a new type of all-sided mobile production line. It is applicable to an efficient and completely mobile crushing and screening plant.

2. Our mobile production line is used extensively for the recycling of mines, coals, and construction waste. Also, it is perfect for different operations such as earthworks, urban infrastructures, roads, construction sites, etc.

3. With high flexibility and strong mobility, the mobile crusher and screen can save lots of infrastructure and relocation expenses. This road building machine is able to crush materials on site. Also, it can move with the exploitation of raw materials. As a result, transport costs would be greatly reduced.

4. Mackorn provides a complete range of mobile production lines with multiple options. As a rubber-tyred mobile crushing station, our product can be divided into standard type and closed circuit type. In addition, we develop multiple combinations to fully satisfy our high-end customers.

1. Complete Integrated Unit
The installation method of integrated unit removes the need for both complex foundation construction and installation operation of split components. It reduces the expenditure of time and materials. With compact structure, the mobile crusher and screen can maximize the space required by equipment configurations.

2. Strong Mobility for Reducing Time and Money
The rubber-tyred mobile crushing station has a high truck-mounted chassis and a small turning radius. Its width is lower than that of a semi-trailer. Therefore, this product gives convenience for driving on different roads.

Based on the principle of the nearest materials treatment, the rubber-tyred mobile crushing station removes the need for re-crushing and processing materials far from the site, which lowers transport costs for materials.

3. Flexible Configurations and Strong Adaptability
Due to strong adaptability and flexible configurations, the mobile crusher and screen give customers much convenience for coarse and fine screening machines. This product is a low-cost combination unit.

The integrated rubber-tyred mobile crushing station is operated directly and effectively. It can be used independently or in combination with other systems. We can supply flexible and varied configuration solutions in line with the requirements of different clients for distinct materials.

4. Reliable Performance and Convenient Maintenance
The whole set of mobile crusher and screen is configured with our multifunctional, efficient and premium crushing appliance, which is possessed of lightweight and reasonable structural design. Distinguished crushing performance and reliable product quality fully satisfy the demand for coarse, intermediate, and fine grinding mill. In addition, our product takes advantage of high-tech and touch-screen industrial computer control system with both fault and safety prompt functions.

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