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High Pressure Grinding Roll

The high pressure grinding roll is a new type of energy-saving cement grinding equipment. It is a perfect replacement of ball mill pre-grinding system that has low efficiency and high energy consumption. Also, it has the functions of reducing noise and steel consumption.

As a kind of grinding mill, this product is suitable for both new plant construction and old plant reconstruction. It enables the yield of ball mill system to be increased by 30% to 50%. In addition, 0.08mm fine powder can account for 20% to 35% of the crushed materials. Fine powder of less than 2mm accounts for 65% to 85%. The interior structure of small granules is filled with numerous tiny cracks caused by extrusion, so grindability is significantly improved.

Main Features
1. Our high pressure grinding roll has the features of compact structure, light weight, small size, and the minimum area of only 0.5m2. If the grinding system with the same production capacity is equipped with our lime grinding machine, investment will be immensely reduced.
2. A grinding system with our product allows full play to the production capacity of grinding equipment. In most cases, it can increase yield by 30% to 40%, and its total energy consumption would be reduced by 20% to 30%.
3. Roll surface technology (welding materials, equipment, and welding technique) can effectively reduce the production and diffusion of tiny cracks in the welding process. It allows the hardened layer to have high toughness and high hardness of above HRC58. Also, the roll surface is maintained easily. Its service life is extended.
4. The adoption of aviation hydraulic technology makes the hydraulic system of our high pressure grinding roll extremely reliable.
5. The hydraulic system of our product coordinated with perfect automatic control system can realize the roller press main drive motor load control, the roll gap deviation control and automatic deviation rectification, and the fault diagnosis technology.
6. The powder selecting machine integrates scattering, classifying and drying, thus featuring low operating cost, high operation rate, and more.

1. The high pressure grinding roll in grinding system adopts a roller press based on material layer grinding technology. It also utilizes a powder selecting machine combined with scattering, classifying and drying functions. This product can be coordinated with a ball mill, or independently carry out various processes such as pre-grinding, mixed grinding, semi-finish grinding, and finish grinding.
2. Due to the change of grinding principle, this product and its system technique allow the grinding system to reduce electricity consumption by 50-100% and increase yield by 100-300%.
3. Our high pressure grinding roll can act as either cement roller press or clinker roller mill. It is also applicable to grinding system for new plant construction or existing plat reconstruction. In addition, it solves the problem of lack of grinding capacity due to the adoption of new standard.


Model Roller Diameter, mm Roller Width, mm Feed Size, mm Feed Temperature, ℃ Motor Power, kW Throughput Capacity, t/h
1050M 1000 500 < 50 <130 2x45 30-60
1580M 1500 800 <60 <130 2x132
1510H 1500 1000 <70 <130 2x710 410-520
1710H 1700 1000 <85 <130 2400 470-620
1712H 1700 1200 <85 <130 2770 577-820
1714H 1700 1400 <90 <130 2860 680-900
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